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Highlights of our service

We’d like to take the time to give you the highlights of our service in English. But please do keep in mind that all appraisal reports need to be ordered through our website and that our confirmation of order and our contract terms will be in Dutch.

If you order an appraisal report in order to qualify for a mortgage the all-in rate for this report starts with € 526,- (including 21% VAT). If your bank demands a validated report (validation of our reports will solely be handled by NWWI) an additional fee will occur of € 51,97 (including 21% VAT). This fee will be charged by NWWI (the validating institute). Usually reports are ready for use within 48 hours after the inspection (an extra 48 ours may apply when validation is necessary). All our fees and charges you find in our terms and conditions

When our back office receives the order form you will be send a confirmation of your order and information about consumer rights when making a purchase through the internet. You will be asked to waive part of those rights in case you need the report within the 14 days cooling off period which is applicable when purchasing goods or services online. If you do not wish to waive this right we will plan the inspection after that period. You will receive a confirmation of the planned inspection together with a written agreement which needs to be printed, signed and returned by you (the principal).

As soon as the report is available you will receive it in digital form together with the appraisers bill. The bill is payable within 14 days after you received the digital report.

We hope that this explanation cleared all issues for you and we are looking forward to receiving your order. 


NVM Taxateurs Haaglanden

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